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Summer 2019


Letter From the President

2019 Recap - District Updates

Educational Opportunities

Histo Fun


Artwork credit to Lisa Nguyen, HTL(ASCP)

District 1 Highlights - Representatives Ruth Fidler and Matt Shertzer

On November 16, 2019, StatLab hosted a symposium.  The District had an excellent turnout of 24 attendees who heard 3 great speakers.  Many thanks to StatLab and all who attended!

District 2 Highlights - Representatives Thomas Huynh and Brent Hart

District 2 hosted a Pathologist from MD Anderson for a symposium attended by 15 individuals.  

District 3 Highlights - Representatives Tracy Ford and Cire Tamayo

District 3 is hard at work busy prepping for a great 2020 state symposium! 

Educational opportunities

With social media, our educational opportunites are endless.  From Facebook groups, websites, podcasts, and good old fashioned books, we have endless possibilities for learning.  In each newsletter, I'd like to spotlight one of these learning opportunites.    


Do you have a long commute to work?  Need a little something extra to do at lunchtime?  Listening to podcasts is a great way to fill those moments while expanding or refreshing your knowledge.  Did you know there are actually Histology podcasts?  Search for and check these podcasts out!  

nsh podcast.jpg
quillen podcast.jpg

If there are any educational opportunities or websites/social media groups/podcasts that you would like to share and see featured in this newsletter, please just let me know!

Histo Fun

Let's have some fun in our newsletter!  If you have any pictures of slides that you cut that turned out to be a work of art, send them to me!  I'd love to share them in the newsletter in the Histo Fun corner!  Each newsletter, I'll have some type of "fun" thing to share relating to our great profession!  Here are a few fun slides to make you smile...

histo slide - elephant.png
histo slide - butterfly.jpg

Image credits given to original authors on Pinterest


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