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For anyone unable to attend, the memorial service will be live streamed on YouTube. Thank you!

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Dr. Freida Carson
December 2, 1926- January 11, 2022


The Memorial service for

Dr. Freida Carson

will be Thursday January 20 at 1 PM.

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church

7611 Park Lane

Dallas, Texas 75225

Committal Service will be held graveside on January 31 in Herne, Texas, where Freida will be laid to rest alongside her mother and father.

A Tribute to Mrs. Hazel Dalton

Written By: Connie Dieringer

Hazel V. Dalton
July 10, 1941 ~ February 14, 2021

It is with great sadness that we share the news that Mrs. Hazel Dalton has passed away.  Mrs. Dalton was a true friend, mentor, and advocate for so many in the histology field.  As Program Director of the histology program at UTHealth MD Anderson School of Health Sciences, where I first met her, she had and lived out an endless passion for teaching.  She treated her students as if they were one of her own and always had their best interest at heart.  She was always, always an advocate for learning everything you can and a huge proponent of staying involved in your career field by joining professional organizations and gaining knowledge through continuing education programs.  And she LIVED this advice.  I cannot think of a time when she did not attend our Texas Society for Histotechnology symposium/convention.  Her dedication to her career, the patients that that career served, her students, friends, and family was touching, and she will be greatly missed.

I will never forget a piece of advice that Mrs. Dalton told me and my fellow classmates when I was going through the histology program – I paraphrase – “Never, ever forget that behind every block you are cutting, there is a patient behind that block.  If you ever forget that, it is time to move on.”

Rest in peace, Mrs. Hazel Dalton.  You will be missed, and we will do our best to carry on your legacy and make you proud by always remaining “a student”. 

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